Did you know that 64% of students choose to follow Christ before the age of 18? It is mind blowing to know that 1 in 3 young people grow up without a mentor (without a positive influence). Without anybody showing them what it means to be a Godly man, woman, husband, or wife. I believe that a solid ministry is built on Jesus first and second is relationships between leaders and students.

Relationships are key to the students feeling loved and understanding God’s love in practical ways. This is when real spiritual growth takes place. 

Sadly ONLY 4% of the millennial generation (born between 1982-2002) will be bible believing Christians when they reach adulthood. 7 out of 10 Millennials who dropped out of church did not have a close friendship with an adult and nearly 9 out of 10 never had a mentor at the church.

The good news we CAN make a difference!

Outside of parents raising their children in a Christian home to know Jesus there are two key things that do make a difference in the faith of a young person:

Relationships: Young adults who stay in church after high school were twice as likely to have a close personal friendship with an adult or leader inside the church during their youth years.   The same for mentoring—28%  who stay had an adult mentor at the church other than their pastor.

Community: It takes a church to raise a committed young adult. Being invested in the lives of teenagers is monumental for God’s kingdom. They are our future!

I read an article recently  that really made me sad to hear It said, "looking to spice up your ministry, ensure deep discipleship, and see real kingdom impact? add the gospel!" Unfortunately So many churches focus on the fun and games in youth that they forget the main focus, which is the gospel.  The result of this attitude is in the statistics previously mentioned.

The purpose of the Rise Student Ministry is based on 5 key elements, Worship, Ministry, Evangelism, Fellowship, and Discipleship. We want to teach the gospel in a way that is practical and relevant and that they can use it everyday in their lives. 

#1. Worship: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart.”
Teaching them to pray and worship God.

#2. Ministry: “Love your neighbor as yourself." 
Teaching them to serve our world and to be Christ followers in and out of church.

#3. Evangelism: “Go and make disciples.”
Teaching them to not make their faith a secret but to share the hope and love they have in Jesus.

#4. Fellowship: Building lasting connections and creating connections that will encourage them for life.

#5. Discipleship: “Teaching them to obey.”
Building relationships that will keep them in the faith for a lifetime and will help them reach their God given potential.

If you would like to help serve in the Student Ministry at Rise please contact pastormikeb@risecommunity.org or teresaboyd@risecommunity.org.