Wondering what to expect when our Sunday Service is moved to Pioneer Middle School in Cooper City? Here are some FAQ questions to help you get ready. If you have a question not mentioned here leave a comment below.

1. Where is Pioneer Middle School? 
Pioneer Middle School is located at 5350 SW 90th Ave, Cooper City, FL 33328, in the heart of Cooper City. The Pioneer Middle School Administration is excited to have us meet at their school, and we are really excited to get the opportunity to serve our community through volunteer opportunities at the school.

2. What is it like to have church in a school?
Thousands of churches around the country meet in Public Schools every Sunday. Almost every public school in our county is inhabited each Sunday by a local church congregation. Our service will be head in the Auditorium/Cafeteria of Pioneer Middle. It is a large open room with a stage that will be equipped with everything we need for a Sunday service. Each Sunday we will rely on our amazing volunteers to create an atmosphere for us to worship and study the word of God. The children will meet in specified classrooms, they will also have access to the school gymnasium and the outdoor spaces. We are really excited about the potential this space provides for our kids!

3. How will I know where the "Sanctuary" is?
The entrance we will be using every Sunday will be clearly marked with signs and greeters. You can drop off your family at the door and park or park and take the short walk to the entrance. Once you enter the school there will be signage leading you to the Welcome Center where you can either check in your kids to Children's Church and be directed to their classroom by a Volunteer, or go straight to the Auditorium where the service will be held. There will be an area inside the Auditorium where you can get coffee and a snack before and after service, and get more information about ministries and upcoming events.